Saturday, June 2, 2007

Doodle My Horse

For all the horse lovers out there!

My parents and younger brother were just in town last weekend. My dad was here to go to a horse clinic with his beloved (yet recently gelded) pasofino, and was visiting the other handful of pasofinos he owns. I guess the trainers were great and my dad wanted to give them a thank you card. My mom and I had been stamping for an hour or so, and my dad said he wanted us to make him a card with a horse on it. I don't own any horse stamps yet. But I loved the "Very Punny" doodlesque set, so I set out to create my own using a fine-tipped permanent marker. I used an aquapainter to paint the horse to look like his Dancing Prince buckskin (I didn't have the perfect colors).

My mom picked out the colors, and I got to work assembling the card. My dad got a happy look on his face and was excited to use the card. I don't know if he was expecting and doodle cartoon of a horse, but I think it's perfectly fabulous. I even created a doodle horse on my computer and printed it out to make a stack of cards for him. I'll post more variations of "Doodle My Horse" later on.