Monday, May 11, 2015

Life's Been Good

A lot has happened since my last post, as I'm sure you would imagine. My baby is now 6-1/2 years old, and I almost cried looking at her baby pictures today. Life got pretty crazy in 2009 which necessitated a move to New Mexico, and I didn't have much room to stamp in my new rental, and like many of you desperately needed a creative outlet, which led me to writing as therapy.

I started my first novel in January 2010 and loved the ability to create beauty, develop intrigue, and kill off rotten characters. Hahaha. Most of the characters I resurrected by deleting their demise, but it sure was therapeutic and helped me through my often difficult personal struggles. And somewhere during that time, my three tiny girls grew up into big girls (my oldest is nearly 12) and left me wondering where the time went. Now it's 2015 and I'm mostly finished with the 4,879th draft (I might be exaggerating slightly) of my novel Starlight Legend: Seeking Realm, and I'll be looking for an agent soon. I am aiming for a triology, and Book 2: Shadow Realm is in the prewriting stage.

I know authors aren't supposed to design their own book covers, but graphic design is also my therapy, and here is the cover I have settled on with the feedback of my friends and family. Starlight Legend: Seeking Realm is a YA Fiction/Fantasy with clean romance that appeals to both teens and women of all ages because it takes the reader to a magical place where life's problems are put into perspective, and the stubborn questions of life can find answers.

Elliana is a vibrant, unassuming senior in high school whose life is about to change. She and her younger sister Abbie had already experienced the tragic loss of their parents at a young age, and their subsequent adoption by the Reinharts. Now she's at a point where she wants more from life than "just friends"—she wants to find true love, and hopes that her best guy-friend Burke is the one.

Taking a step into the darkness, she finds herself unprepared to be faced with the betrayal, deceit, and sabotage that soon follows. About the same time that trouble becomes her constant companion, she encounters a new love interest through an ironic twist, and discovers a new realm from a recurring dream--a realm where she can find answers to life's questions, but where she is also confronted with the difficult quest involving a dying star. She begins to feel defeated by the onslaught of trials, and needs to find the courage to take the difficult path that might involve facing her haters and gaining the knowledge to overcome the obstacles in her path and follow her heart. Will Elliana overcome her insecurities and self-doubt that tell her she is just one person, and how can she figure out her purpose in life?
I hope to see Starlight Legend hit the shelves by the end of the year, and maybe it will be a book that speaks to your soul.

Life has been good--the world is full of wonderful people, fun, joy, work, stress, and rotten times, but life has been most beautiful through it all. I hope you are all doing well. What have you been up to? What genres do you like to read? What are some of your favorite books?