Monday, January 7, 2008

Cute Scrapbook

During the fun New Year's Eve party I attended, I was able to "buy" this cute scrapbook from the auction with my fake money. It's purple with rub on letters and a few ribbons, and it's own paper and clear sheet protectors. I totally scored. My friend gave away so many gifts; I'm wondering how much she spent on that party. BTW, for the white elephant gift, I got a jar of home-canned raspberry jam and a "Monkey Farts" scented candle (it smells like bananas, LOL. To order: It was a blast!

Now for the confession...I have never scrapbooked! Not even one page; not even a layout. I don't think I have printed more than two dozen pictures in the past seven years. I bought photopaper for my home printer, but the image quality stunk. So I just did nothing. That needs to change. The problem is that I need a new digital camera since mine won't communicate with my iMac anymore. Jerky thing.

So one of my goals this year is to make a tiny scrapbook of my two little girls, since they are best friends. I'll post the pages as I make progress. Feel free to ask if I've worked on it down the road to re-motivate me.

Another goal I have is to get my stamp line launched! It may take a while, but I'm leaning toward rubber cling because I'm not sold on the clear stamps yet. Perhaps the ones I bought are too cheap?


Velta said...

Alana ~ I cannot wait to see what you have in store for us with your girls...Please come visit me I have something to share :)

Sandra Evertson said...

Beautiful, love your blog!
Sandra Evertson

Rosella said...

So I am not the only one who has never scrapbooked and has not had any pictures developed in the last ? years. I encourage you to do this scrapbook. I will be looking forward to seeing it.

Lori J said...

I haven't scrapped in a really long time and I need to get back to it also.

I would probably also go with the rubber cling. I haven't found a clear stamp that I like better than the rubber. :0)

Stampin' Meg said...

Good luck scrappin' I think that it's a logacial prgression from stamping and a great way to get more use out of all of your supplies!