Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Off-Topic: Pregnancy Update

I don't mean to leave you all wondering what has happened to me. Pregnancy is going well. My morning sickness has subsided significantly. Still some queasy moments if I try to drink water as soon as I wake up (I'm always SOO thirsty). I'm 13 weeks, measuring 18 or so. Pretty sure I'm not having twins, we just have over-excited uteruses (uteri is also an acceptable plural form, but it sounds creepy) in my family. I haven't gotten an ultrasound yet, but hopefully soon.

We will be finding out the sex of the baby as soon as we can. The Braxton-Hicks contractions have already started, as usual. I need about 8-9 hours of sleep each night or I "pass out" during the afternoon. But if I nap, I can't fall asleep at night. And I would stamp, but I have no energy. Curses.

I usually crave tomatoes during my first trimesters, and this is no exception. I've been drinking large amounts of V8 on a daily basis and eating yummy salads. Salads are a rare treat at my house. My DH is allergic to lettuce, so the closest we get is spinach--which isn't my favorite.

I don't like staying up past 10 pm because then I feel snacky... and then chubby the next day. I'm reading baby name books. My mother's intuition, which has been wrong 100% of the time in the past, says that this is a boy. We'll see. Hope you're all doing well!


Lesa said...

Alana, It is good to have you back. I so don't miss morning sickness. Yucky! It is snowing here again. It is very light though and we aren't supposed to get much. I am so sick of all this snow and winter. I am so ready for some spring and sunshine. We have so much snow that spring is just going to be mud. At least I don't have little ones out playing in it anymore. My kids ruined so many pairs of shoes. I hope you get some energy to stamp something soon. Have a great day!

laos348 said...

I've been thinking about you. I'm glad to hear that the morning sickness has subsided.

Lori J said...

Thanks for the update. I sure hope that everything with this pregnancy goes smoothly for you. :0)

ktstamps said...

Congrats on your baby news. Sorry you have to have morning sickness! BUMMER! Take care...kt

Stacy said...

Thanks for the update!