Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A Stamping We Will Go!

It's about time I got my stamping blog set up! I hope this will be a place where my fellow stampers will enjoy visiting...a little community of learning, if you will. (Go on, bookmark it.) I will be working on a gallery and several tutorials over the next few months. I will post both CASEd and unique projects (and I'll give credit where credit is due). I love the process of check back often and please leave your comments. I'd love to hear from you.

Now, on to my introduction. I was born in Idaho, raised in Cleveland, schooled in Utah, and now I’m back in Idaho. I once lived in the Netherlands and Belgium, and my favorite vacation spot is in Mexico. I have a BS in Sociology and an Master of Organizational Behavior (similar to MBA-OB). I've been married for nearly 7 years, and I’m a mother of two girls, 3 and 1. For the past 7-8 years, I’ve also been a graphic designer and editor. I became a SU! demonstrator in June 2006 because I love helping people discover a new hobby that meets their needs, and I love getting out of the house to meet new people and have girl time.

I’ve always enjoyed making my own cards. However, I used to snub my nose at rubberstamping *gasp* because I thought of myself as my own artist. I took every art class my high school offered before I was a senior... and my high school had a great art program. I didn’t think I needed stamps because I could draw.

But then a friend invited me to a Stampin’ Up!© workshop at her home. I dragged my feet about going, but I went because she was my friend and I needed to get out of the house. I was hooked. Stamping was what I needed for three reasons.
• It allowed me to still be my own artist
• it helped me streamline my card-making process (because I didn't have to draw everything freehand)
• and it gave me more options to embellish my cards.

But the great thing is that Stampin’ Up! is also for those who don’t consider themselves creative or artistic—the ideas are already in the book! I know you understand when I say that stamping really is therapy to my soul.

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Janet E. said...

Your blog is sooooo cute and I find myself coming back over and over to see what you have created. You are doing such a wonderful job and I love what you have come up with.