Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Before Rubber Stamping

Hidden Treasures (pronounced tray-zures, like my dad says) in my closet.

Okay, I was rummaging through my craft closet the other day and came across my oldest daughter's first birthday invitation. I have to chuckle. I think I made at least 12 of these: strung the beads, cut out the pigs and fence, put backing on the fabic pants and cut them out (pants matched the dress she wore for her birthday), hand wrote each poem (maybe my printer was broken?), etc. It must have taken me at least five hours. Crazy! SOOOO glad I've found rubber stamping to streamline the card-making process.

And running across this old card made me remember a card that I had made before the piggy invite that I had forgotten about. It's a thank you card for my friends for letting me stay at their house while passing through the state of Idaho before I moved here. This one probably took two hours or more. And when you open the card up, it says "Spanks. Spanks a lot." I don't know how I cut all those pieces so well. It makes me shudder thinking about the complexity of it all. (I don't have a cricut or anything like it...yet. Hopefully for one of my birthdays down the road. DH even agreed to it last night!)

Actually, maybe I will create a stamp set after this card. ....hum....

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Gabby said...

OMG these are cute! The piggy is adorable!