Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Monkey Bean Bags

These are my wonderful monkey bean bags. I made them for the teachers in my Primary (LDS children's Sunday school). I used leftover yellow and burgundy fabric because I still have big plans for the nice fabric that I have had for years. *well-intentioned smirk*

First, I serged the two short sides (one long side is a fold) and then flipped them right side out. I tacked the stitches in the corners with hot glue just to guarantee these won't break open all over the church floor.

Second, using the fabulous-smelling StazOn black ink, I stamped the monkeys on one side and the bananas on the other side. That way it has a "heads" and tails" for any games they want to play. (I'm giving them a doc with over 60 learning and review games to play using a bean bag.) The images still show up will on the dark fabric, but the picture is deceiving.

I gave each of my girls a big bowl with a scoop and several pounds of beans, rice, and lentils. They helped fill the bags and then I sewed them shut (which was the most difficult part--I learned quickly not to overfill the bags). I currently have beans and rice ALL over my kitchen floor. But it was entertaining for them.

As I was taking this picture, my two-year old daughter was in the process of stealing one of the yellow bags. So I made them some green ones to play with. Such a fun and easy project using scissors, sewing machine/serger, and stamps! My kids have kept busy for an hour with these little guys.

Stamps: SU Monkey Business
Fabric: 8" x 4"-5", folded and stitched


Kerry J. said...

Oh Alana - these are so stinking cute!! Love, love, love these!!! Great job!

Lori J said...

These are just too cute! I'm sure the teachers will love them. :0)

laos348 said...

What a fabulous idea!

JazzyH said...

They are so cute.

Stampin' Meg said...

Those are sooooo cute, Alana!

Niki said...

These look so cute! Great job!

Deal jones said...

You've decided to fill your jungle with a whole array of Mod Monkeys. And, just like their little hero, your birthday guests will be ready for a fun time.

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